Configure your system with RAID 0, 1, Linear, or BIG and enjoy greater
performance and stability.
Integrated high performance 30mm fan.
Backup & restore software included.
Supports eSATA & USB2.0 interface for convenience or performance.
Brushed aluminum housing.
Rotating acrylic foot stands.
Support 1TB hard drives.
Supports plug & play and hot-swapping.


Detail Features
Tt Logo HDD. Status and
power LED
Rotating foot stand 30mm x 10mm silent fan
Aluminum housing Dual color brushed aluminum
eSATA & USB port RAID function switch
High end SATA chip RAID processor
Support dual SATA hard disk

Tt serigraphy Power & HDD status LED Silver mirror coating
Reset RAID mode function Switch RAID mode High Speed USB port
30mm Fan eSATA(II) port Power switch
Power port
Anodized black brushed aluminum
Rotating foot stand
Cooling System

The internal 30 x 30 x 10mm silent fan utilizes
the Intel BTX straight-line cooling concept to dissipate heat.
RAID Function Setting
  Included 4 RAID functions:

Linear: Two hard drives operating independently.
BIG: Maximize disk capacity. Ex.180GB+120GB=300GB
RAID 0: Highest performance possible. Ex.180GB+120GB=240GB
RAID 1: Real-time mirroring to back up your valuable data. Ex.180GB+120GB=120GB