Network Access Sever; Easily share photos, music, video or files.
Support RAID 0, 1, 5, 5+Spare, 10, Linear.
Maximum transfer rate up to 1GMbps by RJ45 LAN.
Professional Web-based management for easy setting.
4 Hot swap carrier design, easily replace the fail HDDs.
Security lock design protect hard drives DATA.
Overheat & RAID function fail active warning system.
Update firmware from network.

Maximize the cooling efficiency by BTX straight-line cooling concept.

Supports up to 2 TB storage, 500GB each hard drive.
Supports Back-Up Software (optional)
Vista Ready
160W power supply vent hole
Status bar & Transparent plastic panel 4 individual HDD rack
Hot swap carrier HDD rack Material foot stand
12cm Fan Front door design
Security lock RS232 & RJ45 Lan port
Support RAID Modes Application
Four different RAID modes:  Data available remote.
Linear: 4 x SATA HDD: The individual Network HDD.  
RAID 0: Spanning mode: Merge all HDD to one.  
RAID 1: Mirroring mode: Best data protection.  
RAID 5: Parity mode: Good performance and safety.  
RAID 5+Spare: RAID 5 with spare disk.  
RAID 10: The combination of RAID 0 and RAID 1.  

Component Introduction

Cooling System
Vent for cool air intake
12cm Fan(rpm1400) for heat exhaustion

Storage System Management Software
Muse NAS RAID software is made by professional company FalconStor, it has a friendly setup interface with option list design. Without complicated installation process, and is very convenience for user to manage NAS system.

Management Software & Manual CD LAN Cable
Power Cord