Support nVIDIA ESA Technology
5.25 Drive Bay design: liquid cooling system in-a-box to save the space in the chassis and simplifies installation
Mesh design front bezel enhances ventilation
Easy to install and refill
12cm Motorsports Radiator :
1. DTT - Dimple Tube Technology swirls the coolant within the radiator to increase thermal transfer
2. An all-aluminum radiator featuring expanded outer fins and tube style for maximum performance
Pure Copper Waterblock:
1. Advanced Brazing technology improves reliability and leakage free
2. All-in-one mounting design supports all latest CPU from Intel & AMD. (Includes: Intel Socket  LGA775 and
    AMD K8/AM2.)
Ultra-low noise fan:
1. Silent fan with blue LED (800 ~ 2500rpm)
2. The 4-pin of the fan connector has PWM & thermal control function
High-performance PWM Liquid Pump:
1.Silent and powerful P500(500L/hr) pump provide superb reliability
2.The ceramic bearings significantly extend the life-expectancy of the pump
3. Thermal control capability through ESA software
Flow meter:
Accurate monitoring and fast response- Transparent cover clearly shows the movement of the coolant
Quick connector:
Quick connector : Valves shuts off water flow immediately when dismantling to prevents water leakage
Durable 3/8 Tube: Special material to prevent wear & tare from being clogged up or over bending
Compliant with Nvidia nForce 780a SLI / nForce 790i SLI / nForce 780i SLI / nForce 680i SLI / nForce 680i LT SLI
  based motherboard
ESA Technology:
ESA device consists of a USB interface to a set of sensors and controls. Through NVIDIA software can monitor the Water lever, Water Temp. ,Pump status and Fan RPM.
LED Light:
LED indicates liquid cooling system.
Water level sensor:
The water lever senor can also response the high/low lever to the ESA system.

Silent Fan :
120x120x25mm blue LED fan, (800~2500 RPM) ,PWM & thermal control function
Flow TX:
Clearly shows the movement of the coolant
P500 Pump:
- Flow rate : 500L/hr, can easily handle extra water blocks for GPU, memory, HDD or chipsets
- Thermal control capability through ESA software
Motorsports Radiator:
Dimple Tube Technology with louvered fin radiator greatly  increases the surface area for added cooling capability

Refill Reservoir:
Transparent reservoir contains 530 c.c. of liquid capacity, easy to refill
Quick Disconnect Connector:
Automatic non-spill valves, robust material one hand

CPU Water Block:
Pure copper waterblock designed with brazing technology
Clip for LGA775

Clip for P4
Clip for AM2

Clip for K8

Optimize your PC's performance with ESA. It enables real-time and complete PC performance management, while delivering new control and monitoring features for thermal, electrical, acoustic and operating characteristics that are not otherwise accessible. Tested by a comprehensive certification program for system compatibility and reliability,

ESA-certified components and applications allow you to diagnose component-specific issues and tune the system to meet your individual needs-whether it be sustaining peak system performance or achieving a whisper-quiet home theater operation. With ESA, you can experience unprecedented system visibility and control, while maximizing your PC's performance.


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