5.25" Drive BAy Easy Connector Performance

  Application: Can apply to Thermaltake BigWater and other liquid cooling system
  For 5.25" drive bay: the indicator can fit into 5.25" drive bay in the case
  Quick Install Connectors: The connection of the temperature probe is suitable for tubing of 6.4 to 9.5 mm to inner diameter
  Liquid Level: Transparent window indicate the level of the water
  Easy to Install: using the provided screws to mount the water tank in the case
  Convenient to Refill: It is Convenient to fill the water in the tank

Detail Information
The Transparent window has an indicator to show the level of liquid system The Inlet and outlet of liquid tank
Liquid filler hole Can fit into the 5.25" drive bay
Stylish front plate
Additional Quick Install Connector sizes to change (For 6.4mm (1/4) 9.5mm (3/8) tubing) UV sensitive Water Tube

Application for Desktop PC

Application A: Upgrade your BigWater

Application A: Apply AquaBay M3 for other liquid cooling system  
You can install the liquid components shown below to make up a liquid cooling system:
Thermaltake AquaBay M3
Thermaltake CPU Waterblock
Liquid Pump
Liquid Tank
ID=9.5mm Tube
Thermaltake 12cm Radiator
ID=9.5mm Quick Install Connector
Optional Devices for Desktop PC