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Fan Dimension    90 x 90 x 25 mm
Fan Speed    1300 RPM @ 20C ~ 4000 RPM @ 55C
Fan Speed Control    Adjustable Manual Fan Speed Control
LED Color    Blue
Bearing Type    1 Ball 1 Sleeve
Noise Level    17.0 dBA @ 1300 RPM
48.5 dBA @ 4800 RPM
Max. Air Flow    24.6 ~ 78.7 CFM
Max. Air Pressure    1.30 ~ 7.20 mm-H2O
Power Connector    3-pin
Rated Voltage   


Started Voltage    6V
Rated Current    0.15 ~ 0.48A
Static Pressure   
Operation Temperature   
MTBF    50000 Hours
Weight    82 g
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Award & Review
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User Manual 7065727 10/15/2008
Q:  There are some chassis or CPU cooler fans labeled as 92mm or 90mm in dimension, what is the difference?
A:  Whether you call it 90mm or 92mm fan, they are both the correct "name".  The fan, measured exactly from the outer most frame on one side to the outer most frame on the other side, is 92mm.  However, since all other commonly used fans in computer have round and even number dimension, most manufacturers call it 90mm for consistency.

Q:  Why is bearing type important?

There are several technical differences between ball bearing and sleeve bearings.  What it all comes down to is the reliability, or Mean Time Between Failure (M.T.B.F.)  In an identical environment, a ball bearing fan will continue to function or spin at the specified speed or airflow longer than a sleeve bearing fan.  There are also two commonly used ball bearing fans, single ball bearing or double ball bearing.  The double ball bearing have shown higher reliability rate than a single ball bearing or sleeve ball bearing fan.


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