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Fan Dimension    80 x 80 x 25 mm
Fan Speed    2000 RPM
Fan Speed Control    N/A
LED Color    Blue
Bearing Type    Sleeve
Noise Level    21 dBA
Max. Air Flow    27.8 CFM
Max. Air Pressure    1.98 mm H2O
Power Connector    4-pin
Rated Voltage    12V
Started Voltage    6V
Rated Current    0.16A
Static Pressure   
Operation Temperature   
MTBF    30000 Hours
Weight    63 g
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User Manual 231957 05/21/2008
Q:  Why is bearing type important?
A:  There are several technical differences between ball bearing and sleeve bearings.  What it all comes down to is the reliability, or Mean Time Between Failure (M.T.B.F.)  In an identical environment, a ball bearing fan will continue to function or spin at the specified speed or airflow longer than a sleeve bearing fan.  There are also two commonly used ball bearing fans, single ball bearing or double ball bearing.  The double ball bearing have shown higher reliability rate than a single ball bearing or sleeve ball bearing fan.


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