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User Manual 532345 05/12/2008
Q:  Why use a Hard drive cooler?
A:  With today's high-precision components running at incredible speed and performance, it is crucial for them to stay cool for maximum reliability and longevity.  Hard disk drives, similar to graphic cards or procecssors, have a operating temperature threshold where it may perform the best.  With dedicated and proper cooling solutions from Thermaltake, you can rest assured that your precious data is protected.

Q:  Why is copper based heat sink better than aluminum based solution?
A:  The short answer to the question is the fact that copper conducts heat better than aluminum.  Engineers utilize thermal conductivity (W/m*K) value to measure the effectiveness of a material.  In this case, copper has a thermal conductivity of ~401 W/m*K and aluminum is ~237 W/m*K.  To put it in perspective, wood has a thermal conductivity value of 0.04 ~ 0.4 W/m*K and concrete is 1.7 W/m*K, that is why wood does not get quiet as hot as concrete on a hot sunny day.


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